TeamViewer Integration with Microsoft Intune

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While poking around the Intune console you may notice that you can integrate the popular TeamViewer remote support tool into Intune.

Note: Team viewer provides a replacement for the default Windows Remote Assistance functionality already in Intune. You must purchase the TeamViewer licenses separately.

With the TeamViewer integration administrators can initiate a remote assistance request or respond to request from end users.

  1. In the Microsoft Intune administration console, choose Admin.
  2. In the Admin workspace, choose TeamViewer.
  3. On the TeamViewer page, under TeamViewer Connector, choose Enable.
  4. In the Enable TeamViewer dialog box, view, then Accept the license terms. If you don’t already own a TeamViewer license, choose Purchase a TeamViewer license.
  5. After the TeamViewer browser window opens, sign into the site with your TeamViewer credentials.
  6. On the TeamViewer site, read, then accept the options to allow Intune to connect with TeamViewer.
  7. In the Intune console, verify that the TeamViewer Connector item shows as Enabled.

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