Configuration Manager In Console Updates

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One of the big improvements in manageability of System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) has been the introduction of in console updates.

In the not too distant past, updates were done either as Cumulative Updates or as individual hotfixes when required. You would have to do your research to find out when these were available and in the case of hotfixes whether they applied to your situation.

With the transition of ConfigMgr to a rapid update cycle and the “As a Service” model, Microsoft has introduced in console updates. No you can check from within the ConfigMr console if there are updates available (including new current branch versions) and install them directly from the console. This should be done in a two-step process:

  • Check the prerequisites
  • Install the update pack

  1. Navigate to Administration>Cloud Services>Updates and Servicing to see available updates
  2. Right-click on an available update and then select Run prerequisite Check
  3. Wait for the check to complete and then click Show Status
  4. Verify that the Prerequisite check passed
  5. Return to the in console updates, Right click the update again and this time select Install Update Pack

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