Customizing the Microsoft Intune Company Portal

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Microsoft Intune users can access the Company Portal from a web browser or from a mobile app. Regardless of how the access the portal, it is worth your while to customize it to provide the best possible user experience.

Depending on whether you are using System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) or Microsoft Intune as your Mobile Device Management Authority you will have a different interface for customizing your company portal based on each product’s respective console. Regardless of which authority you use you have essentially the same customization options. In this post I will describe the customization options so that you can be prepared with the correct information before you begin the customization process.

I’ll even provide you nice little table that you can use as a worksheet.

Company name 40 char
IT department contact name 40 char
IT department phone number 20 char
IT department email address 40 char
Additional information 120 char
Company privacy statement URL 79 char
Support website URL 150 char
Support website name 40 char
Company logo 400 x 100 750KB

You can also customize the theme color and chose a background for the company portal mobile app.

Source: Microsoft Intune Get Started

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