Microsoft Intune – Setting up a Trial Subscription

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There are lots of good blog posts from the Intune Team and many others the such as Peter Dalmaans’ and Peter van der Woude’s More than just ConfigMgr. They cover many in depth topics and use case scenarios.

Today at the prompting of one of my friends and colleagues, Sean “Energized Tech” Kearney I’m going to do the exact opposite. Instead of a deep dive or instructions for a specific feature, I’m going to help you with the most basic of all recipe cards. If you’ve never tried Intune the first and most basic thing you will need to do before trying out and features is setting up a trial subscription.

Note:  No credit card is requried to setup a trial subscription.

  1. Go to the Microsoft Intune Product page. There is lots of good information here so go grab a coffee and educate yourself a bit. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. All done? Good. Let’s continue.
  2. From the Microsoft Intune Product page, click Try Now

  3. Complete the Step 1 – About you screen and then click Next

  4. Complete step 2 by creating an ID and

  5. To prove you are not a bot, Select the radio button for either Text me or Call Me. Enter your phone number and then click the approppriate link at the the bottom to continue.

  6. When you receive the verification code, enter it, select your communication preferrences for Microsoft Online services, and then click Create my account.

  1. The account creation process witll start. You will see a screen like the following:

  2. When the account creation process is complete, click You’re ready to go

  3. You will be taken to the Get Started with Microsft Intune page. Click Start.

  4. If you used an Office 365 account, you will be redirected to the Office 365 admin console.
  5. The actual portal may be different depending on which type of account you used to setup the subscription. Select the users you want to assign Intune licenses to. You can check the account status to verify that a license has been assigned.

  6. You can select different Admin Centers to manage different parts of your infrastructure. Select the Intune Admin Center and login using the ID you created in step 2.

  7. You will be taken to the Microsoft Intune Management portal.

  8. There are many things you can do from here but I will leave you with one warning. If you select Start Managing Mobile Devices the first thing you will be prompted to configure is the Mobile Device Management authority.

  9. Make sure you are able to make an informed decision before making a selection. The selection you make here cannot be undone without a call to Microsoft to reset the subscription. This can take up to five days and you will lose any device enrollments and customizations you have made. You have been warned. A good place to start informing yourself is the Prerequisites for mobile device management in Intune

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