Updating Office 365 Pro Plus with Microsoft Intune

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Note: This post is a companion to a very similar post called Updating Office 365 Pro Plus with Configuration Manager

By default, Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus (licensed as part of Office 365) receives updates directly from the Office 365 service when the Click to Run installation method is used. This can be good for organizations that haven’t done a good job of updating their endpoints or that would like to remove Office updates from their regular update regimen and rely on Microsoft for this service. What about environments that manage endpoints with Microsoft Intune and would like to continue to manage Office updates that way?

There are two things that you need to address in order to update Office 365 client updates:

  1. Enable the product in the Intune Updates Service Settings
  2. Configure the Office 365 Client Management Policy

Enable the Product in the Intune Updates Service Settings

The first thing to understand is that when Microsoft releases updates to Office 365 for Pro Plus the same     updates are released to Window Update and WSUS. As such the relevant updates will be available to de deployed by Intune. Follow these steps to enable them:

  1. In the Intune Console navigate to Admin>Updates
  2. Scroll through the product categories to All Categories>Microsoft>Office
  3. Check the box for Office 365 Client
  4. Select the Products tab and then select Office 365 Client
  5. Select the required Update Classifications
  6. Click Save.

Configure the Office 365 Client Management Policy

The next thing to do is Configure clients to get updates from ConfigMgr. There are multiple ways to accomplish this. While it is possible to preconfigure this setting using the Office deployment Tool this may be cumbersome to use in scenarios where Office 365 Pro Plus is already deployed. Using group policy might be a better option as it can address deployed clients regardless of how they were installed. You can easily set the policy, however, you must first download and install the Office 2016 Administrative Template files. You need to enable the Office 365 Client Management Policy.

  1. Launch GPMC.MSC with Administrative credentials
  2. Navigate to Computer Configuration>Policies>Administrative Templates>Microsoft Office 2016 (Machine)>Updates and double-click Office 365 Client Management

  3. Enable the Policy

  4. Click Apply.

Now you can use Microsoft Intune to update Office 365 clients.

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