Managing Windows Store for Business Apps with Microsoft Intune

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This rest of post assumes that you already have a Windows Store for Business (WSfB) account associated with the Intune Global administrator account. If you don’t have one sign up for one first. Go to, and click Sign up. You can also signup from within the Microsoft Intune Admin Console.

  1. Sign into Windows store for Business with your existing WSfB account.

  2. If you are presented with services agreement. Print out a copy, send it to your lawyer and wait for him to review the agreement and approve it. Or just accept it and move on.
  3. From the WSfB console, navigate to Settings>Management Tools

  1. You may see more than one tool listed. Look for Microsoft Intune and check the status. If it is set to Inactive. Activate it by selecting

  2. If you are prompted to show offline-licensed apps, make the selection appropriate to your use case by selecting either Yes or No. You can always change your selection later

  3. Login to the Intune Admin console and navigate to Administration>Mobile Device Management>Store for Business and click Configure Sync

  4. Check the box to Enable Windows Store for Business sync and select the language for application metadata to be presented in the Admin console.
  5. Click OK

  6. On the Store for Business Click Sync Now

  7. Once the Sync completes, you can manage volume purchased licenses from Apps workspace. You can deploy WSfB apps the same way as other Intune managed Apps.

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