Microsoft Intune – How to add Free Apps from the Windows Store for Business

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While you can use both Microsoft Intune or System Center Configuration Manager
(ConfigMgr) to deploy and perform some management tasks on applications from the Windows Store for Business (WSfB), you will still need to use the WSfB console to actually acquire apps. Once acquired they can be synchronized with your preferred management platform (Intune or ConfigMgr)

In a previous post I described how to setup Intune to work with the Windows Store for business. In this post I will describe how to acquire new apps from the store. This post will not cover LOG apps or the Private store. I’ll save those for future posts.


These instructions assume that you have already have a WSfB account that is synchronized with an Intune subscription. You can find details on how to set that up in my previous post Managing Windows Store for Business Apps with Microsoft Intune.

These instructions assume that you are adding free apps. I have other posts on configuring payment methods and purchasing and managing paid apps. No credit card is required to follow these instructions.


  1. Login to the Windows store for Business with your management account.
  2. Select Shop

  3. Use the search tool or the category browser to find the application you want to add to your account

  4. Click on the app tile to go to the App page. On the App page click Get the app

  5. Once the app is added to your inventory you will get a confirmation message. Click Close

  6. The application should now appear in you inventory. To verify this, navigate to Manage>Inventory

  7. Check the list for the app you just added

  8. Login to the Microsoft Intune Management Portal and navigate to Administration>Mobile Device Management>Windows>Store for Business and select Sync Now

  9. Once the Sync completes, navigate to Apps>Volume Purchased Apps and verify that the app is available to be managed.

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