Windows Store for Business – Managing Paid Apps with Intune

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This post will walk you through simple management of Windows Store for Business (WSfB) apps that require a paid license.

You will need the following prerequisites:

  1. Configure synchronization between WSfB and Microsoft Intune
  2. Configure a payment method for license fees

Once you have met the prerequisites you can follow along below.


  1. Login to the Windows store for Business with your management account.
  2. Navigate to Shop

  3. Use the category browser or the search tool to find the application that you wish to purchase. For this walk through I have chosen EZDictionary

  4. Click the app that you wish to purchase
  5. On the App page select Buy Now

  6. From the Buy dialogue select the quantity of licenses you wish to purchase and then click Next

  7. Verify your purchase information including payment method, price, quantity and total and then click Next

  8. You will receive a transaction completion notice. Click Close.

  9. Navigate to Manage>Inventory and verify that the app is available. Be sure to check the number of available licenses.

  10. Login to the Microsoft Intune Management Portal and navigate to Administration>Mobile Device Management>Windows>Store for Business and select Sync Now

  11. Once the Sync completes, navigate to Apps>Volume Purchased Apps and verify that the app is available to be managed. Notice that you get information about the number of licenses available and deployed.

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